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Project Objective

UGreenS aims at introducing the practical know-how for the implementation of two new technologies, Green Roofs and Living Walls, both of which fall under the umbrella of Urban Greening, to Cyprus. Urban Greening is a concept that is essential in the context of Sustainable Construction and Development. The specialized knowledge for the implementation of the aforementioned technologies is, currently, quite limited, especially in Mediterranean countries, and almost non-existent in Cyprus. Therefore, through this project, we seek to import specialized knowledge from prestigious academic institutions in Spain, Greece, and Malta, the latter pertaining to specific elements that would add to the sustainability of the whole endeavor.

Target Audience

This knowledge will be introduced to practitioners (i.e. professional engineers, architects, and scientists) in Cyprus, as opposed to being introduced to students at an academic level. This will enhance the skills of our consulting community and simultaneously reinforce sustainable construction in Cyprus.

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