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 FRC is a non-profit organization established in June 1995. The aims of FRC are to 1) advance the basic and applied scientific research in Cyprus, 2) provide adequate academic environment to scientific personnel to initiate, explore and develop their scientific activities, 3) offering students the possibility to get involved into research projects, and 4) develop close contacts with local industry and other business. The Centre's activities cover a wide interdisciplinary spectrum in various fields (especially engineering). Members of the FRC are faculty members at FU, and independent scientists that promote their research through their collaboration with the FRC. The members of the Centre are highly qualified, have long experience in the implementation of independent and high quality research and have to demonstrate a rich publication record. FRC has developed a remarkable network of collaborations with universities, research centers and the private sector, in Cyprus and abroad.(For more Visit

The University of Seville (US) is an institution that provides the public service of superior education by means of studies, teaching, and research, as well as the generation, development and diffusion of knowledge to serve citizens and society.US has more than 500 years of history, and it is the main University in Andalusia, maintaining a student population of more than 70,000 and 4500 faculty members in 125 different Departments.(For more Visit

The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the third oldest university in Greece, conducting basic and applied research on agricultural and economic development. AUA has 7 distinct Departments and 41 laboratories.
The Lab. of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture is a unique University unit that manages to combine the knowledge and expertise on the biology and physiology of plants with their multiple benefits to the Environment and Landscape. It is staffed by five faculty members and by other research-support personnel, while currently hosting 10 Ph.D., 17 MSc students. The Laboratory has a vast experience in teaching and researching green roof technologies, the use of native and aromatic plants in floriculture and green roofs, and soilless cultures. The Laboratory has an actual experimental green roof of 120 m2 on a University building, also equipped with experimental green roof plots and automated irrigation system.(For more Visit

The University of Malta is the main tertiary education institution in Malta. The University strives to create courses which are relevant and timely in response to the needs of the country. There are some 10,000 students including over 600 foreign/ exchange students from nearly 60 different countries. The University is geared towards the infrastructural and industrial needs of the country so as to provide expertise in crucial fields. Almost 3,000 students graduate in various disciplines annually. The degree courses produce highly qualified professionals, with experience of research, who will play key roles in industry, commerce and public affairs in general.
The University today has thirteen faculties, It also has a strong Faculty of Education with long experience in the training of learners of different ages. In addition the Faculty for the Built Environment also has as its focus of study, expertise on issues that relate to the built environment and sustainable development.(For more Visit

P. Papadopoulos, Consulting Engineers, specialize in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural and Foundation Engineering, and have been responsible for the design and site inspection of a wide variety of projects including roads, bridges, silos and stacking tubes, hotels, industrial and residential buildings, shopping centers and exhibition halls.
P&A is one of the leading Civil Engineering Works consulting companies in Cyprus, with more than 25 years of experience in the field. The company has been the lead consultant in the planning, design and supervision of more than 900 projects. They have been the consultants for various large-scale international projects. The limited number of associates allows them to take an active role in the design and direction of each project. The company has unparalleled (in Cyprus) experience in the management of large consulting efforts, in the field of Civil Engineering, and would be of integral value to the success of this project.(For more Visit

The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) is a Department of Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, of the Republic of Cyprus. The Institute conducts research directly applicable to the broad area of agriculture and livestock in order to solve problems faced by Cypriot farmers. It evaluates new scientific and technological methods and suggests new procedures aimed at utilization of natural resources and improvement of animal and plant production.
Research on ornamental crops entails work on cut-flowers and on production and valorization of endemic species in commercial floriculture and landscaping. Hydroponic production of different species of cut-flowers on substrates are evaluated in terms of yield, quality and vase-life. Endemic, ornamental species propagated and cultivated in the context of a recently concluded research project have been promoted for commercial nursery potted-plant production and for use in landscaping.(For more Visit

THANGEKO was established by a team of Civil and Environmental Engineers, to provide civil and environmental engineering services primarily focusing on design, research and management of public and private infrastructure projects. THANGEKO offers comprehensive engineering design services, management of projects, research and training services for a wide variety of civil and environmental applications and clientele. The philosophy of the company is rooted in innovation and flexibility, while guided by the principles of Sustainable Development. Because of our highly diverse and extensive experience, both in industry and academia, we are able to offer the right services for a wide variety of projects and clients.
THANGEKO has its base is in Nicosia, Cyprus, thus putting it in a strategic position that allows the company to undertake projects in Europe as well as in the Middle East and Northern Africa.(For more Visit )

Terapia Urbana (TU) is a Technology-based company integrated by Architects and Engineers that is based in Seville, Spain. The work team comprises of highly experienced technicians specialized in Urban Greening, Landscape engineering and Sustainable architecture becomes the great potential of this company. TU applies Urban Greening and Sustainable architecture concepts as tools for improving environmental conditions and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings. TU holds patented systems that integrate nature in cities combining gardening, landscaping and bioclimatic architecture, through which important energy savings are achieved while improving indoor environment quality

Technovation Solutions is a Research & Development Company that (a) generates new knowledge by applied research activities, (b) Sets up large international projects, exploits synergies and promotes collaboration between diversified research institutes, (c) Promotes research experience gained into commercial technology transfer projects, and (d) Acts as an advisor to Public Works related to its areas of expertise. The Company established in Cyprus, has core expertise in Best Industrial/ Construction Management Practices and Food sustainability. TS has secured funding for the first two years of its operations. In detail, TV will act as the Research Coordinator for ten (10) partners form across the Globe to set up a large Technology Park to be established at the Middle East State of Qatar. Technovation Solutions has also secured a two year research grant, under the FP 7 Research Framework, to redesign operations of “Animal theme Parks” involving end users from Italy, Germany and Spain

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