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Closing Event

Ugreens Closing Presentation Event in Nicosia

The final act of UgreenS took place on September 24, 2015 at the premises of Frederick University. During the final event the results of the project were presented and further related material was exposed to interested parties.

Several topics related to urban greening technologies were delivered to an audience of 48 persons. The main core of the event was the presentations from the knowledge pylons of the project, the Agricultural University of Athens’s Dr. Panayiotis Nektarios and University of Sevilla’s Dr. Luis Perez Urrestarazu who was kind enough to deliver his presentation over the web. On another note, Mr. Fernando Hidalgo Romero of Terapia Urbana provided much needed feedback of his company’s business endeavors in the field and shared his experience of the reluctance of organizations and the public to invest in such technologies.

Dr. Anastasiou exploited the opportunity to elaborate on the benefits these technologies would have in warm Mediterranean climates such as those experienced by Cyprus and Malta. Moreover, he took the time to present the outcome of the trainer and trainee events and shared his experiences from the visits taken in Athens, Seville and Malta during the “Train-the-trainer” events.

The invitation to the event along with the agenda can be found here.

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