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Frederick Research Center

Dr. Christos Anastasiou

Dr Anastasiou is the principal instigator of this effort. He holds a BS and an ME degree in Environmental Engineering, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Wetlands and Hydrology, from the University of Florida. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering (Environmental Systems Analysis) from North Carolina State University. He is currently the Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering at Frederick University in Cyprus. He worked as a consultant in the US, Cyprus, and Lebanon, as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon, and as the Academic Director of the Postgraduate Programs of the Cyprus International Institute in Association with Harvard School of Public Health. He teaches courses in Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Water Pollution, and Water Resources Management. His research focuses on 1) mathematical programming / optimization and the development of decision support systems, especially as these apply to wastewater treatment and reuse, and agricultural waste management, 2) the use of these techniques and tools for the development of environmental strategies and policy and 3) the evaluation of environmental programs and engineering methods while incorporating economics and social/political aspects in the problem-solving procedure. Currently, Dr. Anastasiou is the Principal Investigator in four funded (EU and national funds) projects, as well as a partner in another three funded research projects. The topics of these efforts range from water quality management (LIFE+ project), to the development of novel olive mill wastewater treatment methods (Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation), to the adaptation and implementation of Sustainable Construction practices in the Mediterranean region (an Erasmus Intensive Program that was met with great success).

Dr. Petros M. Christou

Dr Christou holds a PhD degree from the University of Florida (US). He has many years of experience as a Design/Consultant Engineer sealing numerous project designs as a partner in “Savva – Christou and Partners Architects and Engineers”. Dr Christou is a registered Professional Engineer with the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), a member of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers (CyACE) and he also holds the title “EurIng” (European Engineer).

Dr. Demetris Nicolaides

Dr Nicolaides received his BSc, in Civil Engineering, from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), and his MSc and PhD (2004) from Cardiff University, UK. His doctoral research focused on fracture and fatigue of UHPFRCCs. He is currently a Lecturer of construction materials science in the Department of Civil Engineering at FU. He is active, in research, in the field of construction materials, as these are applied in Sustainable Construction and Development.

Dr. Antonis Michael

Dr Michael earned his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida, USA. He is currently a Lecturer of structural and material engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research work includes load testing of bridges, structural concrete design and testing, long term monitoring of structures in the field, repair/strengthening of wood structures with fiber reinforced polymers (FRP), instrumentation and testing of wood structures, characterization and testing of FRP materials, repair/strengthening of concrete structures with FRP and new reinforcement materials for structural concrete. Antonis teaches the subjects of construction materials, measurement of works, statics and highway design. He also taught introductory and advanced courses in reinforced concrete design.Dr. Michael is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK) and he is also a member of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers (CyACE).

Dr. Michalis Menicou

Dr Menicou holds a PhD in manufacturing systems from the University of Sheffield, UK, an MBA in Industrial management from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, and an MSc(Research) from the University of Sheffield, UK. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Frederick University. His research interests lie mainly in the wider area of organization/ optimization of production systems. He has extensive collaboration with a large number of companies/ research institutions both in Cyprus and abroad. He leads the initiative area of ‘Aquaculture best management practices’ in the European Aquaculture Technology Platform.

Dr. Symeon Nicolaou

Dr Nicolaou received the BSECE degree from National Technical University of Athens, the MS and PhD degree fromGeorgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA, in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Nikolaou is currently a Lecturer at theElectrical Engineering Department at Frederick University.His research area includes wireless sensor applications, and remotemonitoring of distributed systems.

University of Seville

Dr Luis Perez Urrestarazu

Dr Luis Perez Urrestarazu is an Agricultural Engineer, and a Professor in the Department of Agroforestry Engineering at University of Seville. He is a specialist in Urban greening (living walls and green roofs), water management and hydraulic engineering focusing in energy efficiency. Dr Perez holds a BS Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Cordoba, he is an Advanced Technician in Occupational Risks Prevention (from Esculapio Foundation), and he received his PhD in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Cordoba in 2007. He was a visiting researcher in academic institutions in the UK, the Netherlands and the USA. He has taught courses in Hydraulics and Irrigation Engineering, and has participated in a number of European projects. His research interests focus on two main areas; Water management for irrigation - Performance indicators, energy saving, network analysis and Urban Greening - development of green roofs and living walls, as well as on ecological systems to improve air and living conditions and reduce energy consumption.

Dr. Rafael Fernandez Canero

Dr. Rafael Fernandez Canero is also an Agricultural Engineer and, currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agroforestry Sciences at University of Seville. He is a specialist in Gardening, Landscaping, Ecology and Environmental Urban Greening. His PhD thesis was based on green roofs and living walls. Dr. Fernandez has been teaching Gardening technology and Landscaping and Garden and Parks Maintenance at the Technical School of Agricultural engineers. Among other activities, he did a research stay in the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp (Sweden).


Dr Gregorio Egea Cegarra

Dr Gregorio Egea Cegarra is a lecturer at the Agroforestry Department of the University of Seville. He completed a BSc in Agricultural Engineering (5-year program) and a PhD (2008) at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain). He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Reading (UK) for two years. Dr. Egea’s major interests focus on (i) understanding and modeling the impact of environmental constraints, with special interest in drought stress, on gas exchange processes between vegetation and the atmosphere, (ii) assessing crops responses to different irrigation practices, (iii) developing new precise irrigation protocols using real-time plant and soil water status indicators and (iv) assessing existing and new urban green infrastructures in terms of management and environmental and social benefits.

Agricultural University of Athens


Dr. Panayiotis A. Nektarios

He is Associate Professor and holds a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University (USA) (1994) and a B.S-M.Sc from the Agricultural University of Athens (1990). He is experienced in green roof systems and research projects and has a practical experience since he was a Contractor for Public Works. He has successfully delivered more than 20 funded EU, national, municipal and private projects either as a Primary Investigator or as a team member. He is a Board Member of the International Turfgrass Society (ITS) and the Chairman of the Turfgrass Management Working Group of ISHS. He has organized International Conferences and Seminars, authored more than 100 publications and reviewed more than 60 articles in scientific Journals, International and National Conferences. He is the editor and co-editor in three International Conferences Proceedings. He has supervised 5 doctorals, 25 MSc and 48 undergraduate students.

Dr. Maria Papafotiou

She is Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture. She holds a Ph.D. from Wye College University of London, U.K., (1988). She has vast experience in compost use for substituting peat in horticultural substrates, green roof systems, native plant propagation and re-introduction in urban landscapes, aromatic crops as food produced on green roofs, tissue culture and micro-propagation, and plant growth regulators. She has supervised 1 post-doctoral, 7 doctorals, 30 M.Sc. and 85 undergraduate students and she has participated in 18 funded projects (5 of them as Principal Investigator). She is currently the Primary Investigator of an EU funded project for plant design, management and maintenance for archaeological sites. She is Editor-Board Member of the Am. J. of Plant Science and has served as a reviewer for more than 35 papers in scientific journals and over 50 in conference proceedings while her published work has been cited over 130 times.

Dr. Angeliki Paraskevopoulou

She is Lecturer with a first degree (1994) in Vegetal Production from the AUA, Greece and both a PhD (2000) and MA (2002) degree from the Dept. of Landscape, of The University of Sheffield, UK. She has participated in 6 research projects funded by either private or public bodies of the Hellenic State and focused in general on subjects related to the design, establishment and management of sustainable planting schemes for urban spaces and roof gardens. She has worked both abroad and in Greece as a full time agriculturist and landscape architect applying her experience into practice while designing and managing public urban spaces including a park of historical significance. Her design of a Mediterranean garden for the Hellenic Pavilion at the World Exhibition of Horticulture at Horti-EXPO IGA 2003 in Rostock, Germany (25/4 -12/10/2003) received the bronze award. Amongst other publications she has 10 peer reviewed publications in international journals and conference proceedings, and 6 in national conference proceedings.

Mr. Ntoulas

Mr. Ntoukas graduated and earned his MSc in Landscape Architecture from the Department of Crop Science at the Agricultural University of Athens. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture at AUA working on turfgrass establishment on extensive green roof types and therefore his Ph.D. is closely related to the current proposal. He has participated in 7 research projects and has vast experience on turfgrasses and green roofs, and more than 15 scientific publications in impact factor journals, international and national conferences and technical magazines.

Mrs Nydrioti

Mrs Nydrioti has received her M.Sc. from the Agricultural University of Athens. She has participated in two research projects and has published seven papers in national and international conferences. She is experienced in green roof plant management and growth and in physiology analyses. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate focusing on native and foreign plant sustainable growth on extensive green roof types and her Ph.D. is closely related to the current proposal.

University of Malta

 Dr. Suzanne Gatt

Dr. Suzanne Gatt is a Senior Lecturer in science and environmental education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. She has been involved in projects related to curriculum development in science in several national projects. Dr. Gatt is a science educator and has extensive experience in participation in EU projects. She is currently coordinator of the FP7 project Pri-Sci-Net, promoting inquiry-based learning in science among primary level children. She has conducted research and published on various aspect of education, including: children’s ideas on plants and animals, constructivism, education reform at European level, career guidance, employment, and gender mainstreaming among other areas. She has also been working closely with the Malta Qualifications Council, developing policy and tools related to European education reforms such as development of occupational standards, course descriptions in terms of learning outcomes, quality assurance in education as well as for the validation of informal and nonformal learning.

 Dr. Kevin Gatt

Dr. Kevin Gatt graduated from the University of Malta with the degree of Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering after which he pursued his Master of Science studies in Hydrology for Environmental Management at Imperial College London. Mr Gatt also holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Malta. Mr Gatt is a consultant for the Government of Malta as well as a member of the academic staff of the Faculty for the Built Environment where he is responsible for lecturing in water resources and waste management whilst also covering the disciplines of sustainable development and climate change. Mr Gatt has undertaken various policy and feasibility studies in order to develop environmental systems on a national platform. These included the reform of various entities, the financial assessment of waste management options and chairing the drafting process for Malta's revised waste management strategy consultation document. He has also acted as national water demand consultant for FAO whilst authoring the water resources portion of Malta's communications to the UNFCCC. Mr Gatt chairs the Registration Board which is responsible for the registration of environmental consultants and also held the chair of Malta's competent authority for Strategic Environmental Assessment. His contribution to the proposed project will include items on Water Issues in Sustainable Construction, Waste Management, and case studies from Malta.

P. Papadopoulos Consulting Engineers Ltd

Dr. Panicos Papadopoulos

Dr Panikos Papadopoulos received his BSc in Civil Engineering in 1983 from the University of Florida and his PhD in 1987 at Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction from the same university. The emphasis of his work lies in the areas of dynamic soil structure interaction and silo and bridge engineering. He has a rich publications list in his area of work and participated in editorial boards of scientific journals. Dr Papadopoulos has a very active consultancy role, in Cyprus and abroad, and has acted as lead consultant in the planning, design and supervision of more than nine hundred (900) projects such as roads, buildings, industrial structures, silos, tunnels and bridges. He has also worked as a consultant for various large-scale international projects and was appointed as an expert witness in areas of geotechnical, structural and construction engineering. Dr Papadopoulos is the president of the Cyprus Platform for Research in the Construction Industry and a member of the general council of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber.

Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment

Ms. Loukia Vassiliou

Ms. Loukia Vassiliou holds a BSc and an MSc in Crop Science (Plant Protection and Environment) from the Agricultural University of Athens and an MSc in Floriculture from Cranfield University in the UK. She is the Agricultural Research Officer responsible for the Floriculture and Tissue Culture Labs of ARI and her work has been focusing on the evaluation of new ornamental varieties under the climatic conditions of Cyprus, evaluation of new techniques of ornamentals and cultivation of ornamentals for cut, pot flowers and landscape use. More recently, her research activities have been focused on the evaluation of species from Cyprus flora for potential use in commercial floriculture and landscaping. She has a long training experience to students, farmers and extension officers from the Department of Agriculture covering various topics in her field. She has participated in five funded EU and FAO and in a number of national funded activities and projects. She is representing ARI in the FAO working group for protected cultivation and she is also the Cyprus representative in the European Botanic Gardens Group (EBGC). Her work has been published in scientific journals, proceeding conferences and local media.

THANGEKO I4 Engineering Consulting Services Ltd.

Dr. Theofanis P. Lambrou

Dr. Theofanis P. Lambrou received the Diploma degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece in 2004 and the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cyprus in 2011. From 2004to 2005 he was a Research Assistant at the microelectronics and electronics sensors laboratory at the National Technical University of Athens. He is currently a Research Fellow at KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks of the University of Cyprus. His research interests include wireless sensor networks, sensor technologies and signal conditioning, sensor and actuator systems design, water monitoring, cooperative control for distributed robotic systems and motion planning for multi-robot systems. He is involved in various projects funded by the European Commission and the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus that involve path planning algorithms, collaboration between mobile and stationary sensor nodes, sensors design and development and water quality monitoring. He is a member of the IEEE and the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK).

Mr. Petros Grafias

Mr. Petros Grafias received his BS and ME in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Crete, as well as an MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK. Petros has been working in the field ofenvironmental research for the past 3 years, placing an emphasis on issues surrounding water management, wastewater treatment, agricultural waste management, sustainable development and biodiesel production. Much of his work has beenutilizing various laboratory techniques, as well as the development of unique experimental set-ups. Mr. Grafias worked in a private company with responsibilities in management and greywater systems installation. At the moment, he is an Engineerwith the company, involved in research and applied projects in the fields of agricultural wastewater treatment and water reuse. Recently he has completed a series of seminars for environmental impact assessment, fire safety and evacuation of building due to a fire

Mr. Andreas Kalli

Mr. Andreas Kalli holds a BSc and an MSc from Agriculture School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in the Department of Hydraulics, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering as well as an MSc in Water Resources Engineering, from the inter- University program IUPWARE, between KULeuven and VUB in Belgium. He also holds an Executive Diploma in Marketing from the London Centre of Management. During his studies, he not only participated in practical training in the Regional Agricultural office, in the department of land and water use in Paphos, but he also worked in a private hotel with responsibilities in garden and irrigation system maintenance. Furthermore he got involved in an internship programme in the Department of Environment and Agriculture in the Permanent Representation of Cyprus in Brussels. Mr. Kallis workedfor one year period in AGROLAN, the official representative of “BASF” The chemical company, in Cyprus, dealing with agrochemicals and agriculture consulting. Mr. Ksllis has been working in the field of environmental and agricultural research for the past 3 years placing an emphasis on issues surrounding water resources management, soil and water conservation, sustainable development, agrochemicals-fertilization irrigation BMPs and environmental optimization.

Terapia Urbana

Antonio Franco Salas

Antonio Franco Salas: Agricultural anf Agroforestry Engineer. Associated Professor in the Agroforestry Engineering Department at the University of Sevilla. Specialist in installations for Urban Greening systems.

Fernando Hidalgo Romero

Fernando Hidalgo Romero is an Architect by trait, who specializes in the field of Environmental quality and energy efficiency. He has been an integral part in the development of experimental and commercial living walls units in Spain.

Iván Gaviño Escobar

Iván Gaviño Escobar is an Architect who has been emphasizing the application of Sustainable architecture concepts in his work on Urban greening. He also heads the management of projects for the company.

Marta Ruiz Jiménez

Marta Ruiz Jiménez is an Architect who specializes in Foreign trade and has worked in the field of Energy Efficiency. She is in charge of the Foreign trade Department of the company, aimed at the export of Urban Greening Systems developed by Terapia Urbana

Technovation Solutions

Mr. Andreas Michael

Mr. Andreas Michael has considerable market expertise since he was a major shareholder of number of companies over the years and helped considerably in setting up Technovation Solutions. In addition, Mr Michael’s commercial know how helped setting up the current “Technology Park” project at the state of Qatar.

Mr. Vassos Vassiliou

Mr. Vassos Vassiliou is a PhD candidate at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Sector of Industrial Management and Operations Research of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He holds an MBA from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, and a 5-year Dipl. in Mechanical Engineering (BSc. & MSc. equivalent) from NTUA, with specialization in Industrial Management. He has been involved in seven research projects up to now in the fields of Industrial Management, Risk Management, RES and aquaculture. He has achieved a significant publications record in the aforementioned areas



Mr. George Sotirelis

George has attained a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Frederick University Cyprus. In the past, he was employed as a technical consultant in quality assurance and environmental systems, technical folders and was also part of the team who compiled, comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment studies for large scale industrial projects in Cyprus. Moreover, George took part in several other projects of industrial and technical nature.

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